Get up to $14M+ in your bank account in 7 days or less.

What We Offer:

- Bridge/Hard Money Loans

- True Business Loans, Term Loans

- High Revenue Loans, LOC's and Business Funding up to 2 Million

- Unsecured Business Loans

- Equipment Financing

- Business Micro Loans

- Collateral Advances

- Business Cash Advances

- Term Loans and SBA's from 5k to over 14M

- High Risk Merchant Payment Processing (Credit Card, Check Drafting)

To Qualify (For Most Products) -
- Legal Business Entity
- Last year's Biz Tax Return
- Voided Check
- 4 Deposits Per Month
- 6 Months Recent Bank
- 500 FICO
- Tax Liens OKAY
- Bankruptcies OKAY
For Collateral and Cash Advances, use the funds for anything you want.

Note: Depending on your business's overall financial picture, we may require more (or sometimes less) information and documentation.

Inquire below for more details to find out which program would work best for your business.


We Fund Businesses in all verticals of the cannabis industry: Dispensaries, farms, oil extractors, security, fencing businesses, and beyond. 

These are just a few examples of companies we are funding every day!


How Are Cannabis Businesses Able To Get
Get Funding?

Even though selling cannabis products is legal in several states today, many banks simply will not lend to companies who are involved in cannabis businesses.



We make it as simple as possible to get you the funding you and your company needs in order to grow into a profitable and thriving business.

Give us a call to see if we can help you out! 

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